Funtional Electrical Stimulation

Motion capture for Healthcare ...

We use small electrical signals to stimulate muscles in order to produce useful movements. The drop foot walking stimulator activates the muscles that lift up the foot as we walk. A switch placed in the shoe means that the stimulator activates every stride.

The stimulator is set up by placing electrodes on the front of the leg just below the knee.

A switch is placed in the one of the shoes.

the stimulation is increased until a muscle begins to activate properly. This can feel a little odd, a bit like mild pins and needles. Most people get used to it very quickly.

The clinician will then tune the stimulator to the persons walking pattern. This means that the the stimulator will produce the right pattern of activity for the muscle. 

People then walk  up and down the lab to get used to the stimulator and to feel what effect it has.

At the movement centre we measure the effect of the stimulator using our motion capture system. We do this to help provide evidence of the stimulators potential for the individual.


To make the measurements and get accurate results we need to place markers on the skin. Therefore, people need to wear shorts and tops that allow the markers to be placed properly. We need to be able to place markers on the pelvis just below the belly button.

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