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Our health care professionals use sophisticated motion capture equipment to measure your walking patterns. The data we collect can be used by you or your healthcare team to help understand your biomechanics, to measure the impact of your treatment or compare treatment options.

Your Healthcare team can organise an appointment or contact us with a query here. Please use this form if you would like more information.

We can use the motion capture system to record and analyse you upper limb movements to. This can allow you and your health professional see how you are recovering after a procedure or responding to therapy.

Contact us for more information.

To help people with Drop Foot we can use small electrical signals to activate the muscles that lift your foot. This can help some people walk better.

We are currently developing this service. It helps us to know who would be interested in this service. Please contact us if this is a service that you would like to use.

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Recover, Motivate, Measure. We are developing a virtual reality walking therapy program. This will allow you to exercise and see your progress whilst engaging with a virtual world. For more information please see here

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For Health Professionals

If you are a health professional and would like to send your patient to the laboratory we can tailor the assessment to your clinical question

Coming for an Appointment?

If you come to the laboratory there are some things you will need to know first about what to wear and the process of data collection

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