My Visit

When you visit the movement lab you will need to wear shorts like in the picture or that can be rolled up. You will also need to wear a top that can rolled up to place the waist markers as shown.

we will stick small reflective markers to you using a skin friendly tape. The markers are placed as shown in the picture.

we will then record you standing still and walking up and down the laboratory. Our cameras will measure your movement and our computers will create a digital version of you.

Measuring Walking

Measuring the Upper Limb

If you are coming to the laboratory for an upper limb or full body assessment then we will place markers as shown in the picture.

Ladies and girls will need to wear a top that allows us to place these markers, we suggest a running top or something similar, as shown below. 

The small markers shown on the spine may not be required unless you are coming for a scoliosis appointment.

In an upper limb assessment the movement you perform will depend on the reason for you visit.