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Scientific Services

Cambridge Clinical Movement Laboratory is a valuable resource for capturing quantifiable data on movement within a clinical and quality managed scientific measurement process.

Areas of application include:

  • Rehabilitation

  • Assistive Technology

  • Orthotics/Prosthetics

  • Ergonomics

  • Sports

  • Interventions designed to improve movement; device, surgical or pharmacological

We can support the development of protocols, grant and IRAS applications for clinical research. Our facility is based in a clinical area and run by post doctoral health care professionals with extensive experience in clinical research.

Equipment resources available for research:

  • Vicon Motion capture system (10 camera)

  • 2 100 FPS video cameras

  • 2 AMTI force plates

  • BIODEX treadmill

  • VICON NEXUS 2 capture software

  • MATLAB and LABVIew programming and signal processing expertise