Walking Analysis

Motion capture for Healthcare ...

We use the same cameras as you would find in Hollywood making the next CGI action movie. We use reflective markers which are attached to the skin, using sticky tape. 

Our cameras can track the markers as someone walks through our movement lab.

The position of the markers allows to recreate the persons skeleton as a computer model

Computer models are useful as they allow us to calculate the angles between all the joints as someone moves. This is information is useful in understanding movement problems and measuring recovery.

We also have special sensors in the floor of the lab which measured the forces pushing up through someones legs.

Knowing the size and direction of these forces in relation to the position of the joints helps us understand what the muscles have to do in order to allow someone to move.

A measurement session usually takes about an hour. Most of the time is spent placing all the markers and taking the measurements we need to; like height and weight, and which the computer model requires. People will then walk up and down our lab several times in order to capture all the data we need to analyse the walking pattern.

The markers need to be placed on the skin to get accurate results therefore people need to wear shorts and tops that allow the markers to be placed properly. We need to be able to put markers on the pelvis just below the belly button.

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